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Note from the Road: The BIG Show Amps!

I set out on the road to New York last Sunday to attend the NRF Big Show. Yes, the BIG Show; I was extremely anxious to validate the hype.

SheenBlogOver 20 years ago, I started my career in sales at the Oracle Corporation, selling to Information Technology. By 1996, it was clear that the Internet would revolutionize the field. Through varying roles, technology swings, and a lift from the Internet, I realized my calling – selling to IT.

In 2013, I joined Nexus Ventures as an Executive in Residence to embrace my passion for building emerging businesses.  Joining one of their portfolio companies Indix in April of 2014, I made another shift – into retail this time.

Although the opportunity had all the necessary challenges to inspire my warped passion for change, I soon realized the reality of my due diligence.  Commerce is changing. During the course of 2014, collaboration with hundreds of thought leaders in the ecommerce world verified that the pervasive and participative shift in commerce had indeed occurred. It layered the traditional approach of applying technology to manage commerce.

At this week’s BIG Show, this realization entered the stratosphere for anyone whose basis of technology was squarely focused on IT and the traditional monsters of the tech world like Oracle, IBM, Cisco, etc. Attending IT and networking focused shows over the years (such as Interop), my point of view had become restricted and masked behind IT and the application business owners.

No more.

The BIG Show amplified the enormity of change in commerce and technology.  From the obvious niché players to the monsters – they were all there in full force…

Change is happening in full force.  Commerce is exploding and the need to adapt to the consumer is more imminent now than ever. The consumer is now always connected and able to access product information from a number of devices.

As we scale, it is imperative to embrace partnerships and address customer needs.  We have been working with Informatica to align on product catalog enhancement.  The BIG Show provided the opportunity to confirm the need for retailers to improve their product information quality; I concur with Ben Rund (Sr. Director of Product Marketing for PIM, Informatica) and through customer interactions at the NRF, it was surely validated. I look forward to being a part of this new wave.

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