New Hire Spotlight: Venkatesh U, Principal Engineer, Machine Learning - Indix



New Hire Spotlight: Venkatesh U, Principal Engineer, Machine Learning

Through our New Hire Spotlight blog series, we aim to share insights from our hiring process and shed light on the rockstars that strengthen our team.

Our world-class engineering team needs rockstar engineers with a passion for cutting-edge technology. Meet Venkatesh Umaashankar. He loves making machines understand data and make intelligent decisions on their own. He joined us after participating in one of our hackathons. Read more about his interview experience below.


How long have you been working at Indix?
Since July 2016, about 5 months now.

What first attracted you to want to interview with Indix?
I wasn’t voluntarily attracted at first to be honest. I got an opportunity to participate in the Indix hackathon which helped get a good understanding of the problems that Indix is trying to solve and the type of data assets it has accumulated. That matched my interests.

What about the interview process helped convince you that Indix is the place for you?
Rigorous evaluation, clear idea of what kind of skill sets were required, and what kind of people Indix was looking for; and on top of all, the strong engineering culture.

If there was one word to describe how you felt when you got your offer, what was it?  Why did you choose that word?
Happy. I have set a yearly target to commute 2,500 kms by bicycle. The Indix office is 11 kms from my home and my previous workplace was 8 kms. I was happy that I was going to do more things that interest me. I mean cycling as well as work 🙂 By the way, I am done with 2100 kms of cycling already!

If you had to describe the whole process in one or two words, what would it be?
Carefully crafted.

If you could give advice to future candidates on how to best prepare for and handle interviews at Indix, what would you tell them?
Know what you think you know very well.

What did you learn about the team and culture at Indix during your interview process?
Strong engineering-oriented, transparent, and friendly people. One key thing that motivated and helped me go ahead with the decision of joining Indix was the transparency.

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