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New Hire Spotlight: Raghavan AK, Software Engineer

Through our New Hire Spotlight blog series, we aim to share insights from our hiring process and shed light on the rockstars that strengthen our team.

We’re trying to solve some hard and challenging data problems here at Indix. This requires world-class engineering talent with a keen eye for cutting-edge technology. Meet Raghavan AK. Raghavan is passionate about machine learning, functional programming, and building algorithms. In addition to work, he enjoys CrossFit and Krav Maga. He participated in one of our hackathons and is a now a part of our team. Read more about his interview experience below.

How long have you been working at Indix?
I have been working at Indix for about six months now.

What first attracted you to want to interview with Indix?
I participated in the Data Monster hackathon last year. It was able to peek into the kind of problems Indix is solving and I was hooked, wanting to know more.

What about the interview process helped convince you that Indix is the place for you?
The Data Monster hackathon problems gave me an idea of the problem space that Indix was tackling. I also had a chance to interact with the people here. When a place has hard problems being solved by the best people, what else can you ask for?

If there was one word to describe how you felt when you got your offer, what was it?  Why did you choose that word?
Excited. I saw it as an opportunity rather than an offer – an opportunity for me take on and dig into hard problems. We don’t often get opportunities like this.

If you had to describe the whole process in one or two words, what would it be?

If you could give advice to future candidates on how to best prepare for and handle interviews at Indix, what would you tell them?
Brush up the basics on algorithms, data systems, and Object Oriented Programming.

What did you learn about the team and culture at Indix during your interview process?
That it’s a company based on transparency, trust, and communication.

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