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New Hire Spotlight: Monika R, Customer Success Engineer

Through our New Hire Spotlight blog series, we aim to share insights from our hiring process and shed light on the rockstars that strengthen our team.

A high-growth startup like ours needs a dedicated and spirited customer success team. Meet Monika Ramasamy. She brings a deep passion for data handling and problem solving, in addition to astute technical acumen that makes her an excellent team member. Read more about her interview experience below.


How long have you been working at Indix?
I have been with Indix for about 5 months now.

What first attracted you to want to interview with Indix?
I was excited to work for a startup that works closely with ecommerce sites with a mission to build the world’s largest product information catalog. Commerce is an integral part of our day-to-day lives and the desire to make some impact on it motivated me to proceed with the interview.

What about the interview process helped convince you that Indix is the place for you?
The whole interview process went like a discussion rather than a typical formal interview session. People I met gave me a clear vision of the product, the work I would be doing, as well as the challenges associated with it. That made me to believe that I can learn a lot of different skills at Indix and my time here would be interesting.

If there was one word to describe how you felt when you got your offer, what was it? Why did you choose that word?
Elated! I was very thrilled to get an offer. After finishing each discussion, I would think I didn’t give my best. I was expecting to get rejected but when they gave me the offer, I was super happy to receive it.

If you had to describe the whole process in one or two words, what would it be?
Challenging and interesting.

If you could give advice to future candidates on how to best prepare for and handle interviews at Indix, what would you tell them?
I would advise candidates to be clear and strong in their basics. It is okay to not be an all-rounder. But your knowledge of fundamentals should be solid and you should know how to approach a problem in a structured and logical manner.

What did you learn about the team and culture at Indix during your interview process?
All the folks were unique. Every interviewer made me comfortable about the process and made me realize that the team here is very friendly. I had already started feeling like I was a part of the team during the progression of the meetings and various discussions.

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