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JSFoo 2014 Run-up Event Summary

At Indix, we believe in giving back to the community. As a company that houses rockstar developer talent, we enjoy engaging with developer communities and events. On September 6th, we hosted a run-up event for JSFoo 2014.

JSFoo is India’s premier Javascript conference presented by HasGeek. The 6th edition of this workshop and conference event is taking place in Bangalore this year, and it focuses on Javascript as being the centerpiece of a complex web stack. In anticipation of the event, HasGeek is conducting a series of run-up events across the country. We hosted the Chennai run-up at the Indix office. Here are some of the highlights of that day.

It was a great day filled with stimulating conversation. We had close to 60 people attend the event – a mix of students, professionals, freelancers, and others interested in JS.

The day began with a talk by Praveen Selvam on scaling front end development using JS apps.



This was followed by a talk by Arvind Sridharan on building a lightweight mobile website using node.js.


Right before lunch, we had close to 30 minutes of open discussion wherein a lot of interesting questions and insights on production setup of JS apps were discussed.

After lunch, there was a hands on workshop by Vagmi Mudumbai on building single page apps with React.JS.

We felt there was a lot of genuine interest for JS in Chennai. People were talking about starting a ChennaiJS community during the open talks. We love that kind of energy and enthusiasm. Here’s hoping to be a part of more such events in the future. More power to the community!

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