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Indix Celebrates One Year Since Launch!

A year ago today, on Oct 16, 2013, we came out of stealth mode and unveiled Indix to the world. It was an exciting and nerve-racking time! Having put so much of our heart and soul into bringing our vision to life, we were insanely curious to see the reception from the market. A year later, we’re happy to see that the results have been resoundingly positive — with a strong portfolio of new customers, a new round of funding, and continued positive coverage from top tier press.

As they say, it’s always good to smell the roses along the way to your destination. The video below captures some key moments from our journey since our launch. Building the world’s biggest database of products is no easy feat and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us to serve our customers in the best possible manner. Thank you for your support and faith in us!

-Team Indix

Happy 1st Birthday Indix!

Happy 1st Birthday Indix!

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