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Highlights from In50Hrs Hackathon at Indix Chennai

Over the past weekend (March 11-13), Indix hosted the Chennai edition of In50Hrs. The theme of this edition of In50Hrs was Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearables. For those who are not familiar with the concept of In50Hrs, it is an “Idea-to-Prototype” event where ideasmiths, hackers and designers come together, pitch, form teams, and build out their audacious ideas into prototypes, all in the span of 50 hours (over a weekend). All of us at Indix love startups and are always excited to be associated with the startup ecosystem and engage with the community.

The event was kicked off at 6 pm on Friday with each of the teams making a pitch of their idea and getting all set to begin their Saturday bright and early. Initially, we were skeptical whether we can host 120+ people, but everything went smoothly. Well, almost. Our DHCP server didn’t like all this extra workload of assigning IP addresses to “guests”. Awesome Ashwanth (one of our rockstar team members) came to the rescue and reconfigured a few things to create additional address space and added a few wireless routers to load balance and then things were well and truly on the way.

Each of the teams were given a MediaTek LinkIT ONE, which also came with a bunch of sensors to get them going. The teams relentlessly worked through Saturday and Sunday, with an endless supply of caffeine, snacks and soda. All teams were expected to have their demoable prototype ready by 6 pm on Sunday, with all their code checked into github, with readme etc.

It was wonderful to see that all the teams were set and the demos started on time at 6 pm. There were 14 teams and 10 mins per team. By 8:30 pm, all teams had demoed their ideas and it was amazing to see how much can get done over a weekend, particularly when it is fueled by pure passion. The jury had a difficult task on their hands selecting the winners and the audience were also give an opportunity to pick 2 teams that they felt were the best.

The ideas ranged from a wearable device for ECG monitoring, asthma detector based on the environment, water level and consumption indicator for tanks, to bluetooth-based indoor location mapping, and detecting chucking in cricket bowlers.

I am glad that we hosted this event. It gave us one more opportunity to connect with the startup ecosystem and a buzzing developer community. Stay tuned for more updates as we have a couple of our own (Indix) hackathons lined up shortly.

Here are some highlights from the In50Hrs event:

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