Hiring spotlight: Subba Rao, Software Engineer - Indix



Hiring spotlight: Subba Rao, Software Engineer

Through our Hiring Spotlight blog series, we aim to share insights from our hiring process and shed light on the rockstars that strengthen our team.

We’re trying to solve some hard and challenging data problems here at Indix. This requires world-class engineering talent with a keen eye for cutting-edge technology. Meet Subba Rao. Subba Rao is passionate about working in startups for the day-to-day technical challenges it brings. Subba Rao strives to learn something new and unique everyday and constantly pushes himself to achieve excellence in whatever he is working on.

Subba Rao

Read more about his Indix interview experience below.

How long have you been working at Indix?
I have been working at Indix since October last year. I’m currently focusing on creating an understanding of the product identifiers we have in our system, using data science, to enrich the product catalog. Working at an exciting startup like Indix is very rewarding & enriching as it helps me to expand the horizons of my knowledge.

What first attracted you to want to interview with Indix?
I was quite fascinated by the innovative ideas that take shape into products during my college days, for instance, Dropbox or Deepmind. Working with people who are determined to transform such ideas into something tangible was an opportunity I was presented with, at Indix.

What about the interview process helped convince you that Indix is the place for you?
The overall experience of my interview process at Indix was good. Though I’m in the early phase of my professional adventure, I was amazed the way Indix folks showed interest in the technical challenges I dealt with, in my previous stint. It also indicated that they understood solving complex real world problems need a little more than good fundamentals and I’m delighted to be here at Indix.

If there was one word to describe how you felt when you got your offer, what was it? Why did you choose that word?
DELIGHTED. It was very satisfying to get an opportunity to work with some of the most talented people on an exciting product.

If you had to describe the whole process in one or two words, what would it be?
It would be apt to say that I felt very comfortable throughout the process due to to the good technical discussions we had. I was happy that we were on the same page.

If you could give advice to future candidates on how to best prepare for and handle interviews at Indix, what would you tell them?
My advice is that one needs to have a solid understanding of fundamental principles of computer science and machine learning. Needless to say its indispensable and I’m sure it will help one during their interviews. Engineering at Indix involves solving real world problems which requires one to have a thorough understanding of different systems as well.

What did you learn about the team and culture at Indix during your interview process?
First, I would like to appreciate the transparency of the organisation I witnessed even as an outsider when I interviewed with Indix. The culture of any organisation is easily inferred from the way it treats its prospects(future employees) and after my interaction with Indix folks, treating prospects in a respectful way observing their passion, I got the conviction that Indix the right place for me to learn, grow and flourish professionally.

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