Highlights from Startup Walk Chennai

Recently, we participated in an event called Startup Walk Chennai. It is a great initiative, essentially being a city-wide open house for technology companies. It lets tech enthusiasts go behind-the-scenes to meet and interact with the founders and employees of Chennai’s most innovative companies. It was an exhilarating occasion, where about 40-50 people (a mix of job seekers and entrepreneurs) experienced Indix at its heart. As a startup, we love being part of such events which put us in touch with the community and vice versa.

The event was held on August 18, 2015. We were super excited to host these folks and share our space and culture. Here’s how the evening unfolded:

6.00 pm

A couple of us greeted the participants and handed over an envelope with questions about Indix. Our organizing team thought that answering these questions with the help of Indix folks would help them understand us better.

6:05 – 6.20 pm

The participants were given about 15 minutes to interact with folks at the office. Also, this allowed participants to move around the space and get to know things on their own.

Startup Walk participants interacting with Indix team members

Startup Walk participants interacting with Indix team members

Following that, the Indix band performed Roobaroo for the crowd. (Oh, please do click on the links!)

Indix band performing

Indix band performing

6.30 – 7.00 pm

Sanjay (our Founder & CEO) and Sridhar (our Co-Founder, VP of Product Management & Business Development) interacted with the participants on various aspects – the Indix story, our culturethe office environment, hiring the right talent, having fun as a team, and the work we take pride in.

Sridhar Venkatesh talks to the audience

Sridhar Venkatesh talks to the audience

Sanjay takes questions

Sanjay Parthasarathy takes questions

Here are some live tweets that were shared during the event:

7.05 pm

It was the end of a fun and interactive hour full of energy and enthusiasm. The participants left with souvenirs from Indix, and shared love and kindness in the form of tweets.

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