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Indix and the GeekWire Seattle 10

Indix was in great company on Wednesday night when we were honored as a top 10 Seattle startup by GeekWire. The celebratory Geekwire Gala was a blast and it was a fantastic time to see old friends and meet new ones.

As part of the honor, each of the 10 companies were tasked to put their “business plan” on a napkin. Only, this napkin was 6 feet by 6 feet and made of canvas, not paper.

As a team, it was something to get excited about:Seattle Team

From the brainstorming to the final design, it was an opportunity to not only tell the Indix story, but to celebrate all that the team has accomplished. Check out the “making of” video below:


The message we were going for, and believe we accomplished, was simple.

Indix organizes, analyzes and visualizes the billions of products around the world so that developers can build the commerce experiences of tomorrow (like “Buy buttons” everywhere).

Here’s what the finished product looked like.  You can also see it in all its glory at MOHAI.


Our only regret in the whole effort was that our amazing team in Chennai was not able to be here to celebrate with us in Seattle. However, they were showing their own resilience and strength of team culture in overcoming severe flooding.

Lastly, we couldn’t have had such a great finished napkin nor had so much fun capturing the process on video without the help of our designer Ryan Applegate, and our videographer Violetta Rulova. They are amazing!

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