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Fun at Indix: Internal FIFA Team Tournament

indixFIFA4FUN is one of the pillars of our culture here at Indix. When you work for a startup, you get to take ownership of your work and also of the fun! We got this new FIFA 15 for our office Xbox sometime back. The game was instantly popular and soon I saw people playing against each other almost every other evening. So we thought, why not have a championship?

There were a few things we needed to be mindful about. One, I wanted everyone to participate. If it’s a knockout solo game, everyone knows who the better player is and only a handful would be interested and involved. Two, what about the non-gamers? We had to find a way to involve and include them as well, so it would be a fun evening with the whole team.

To address the second point, we decided to have the non-gamers test their faith on the ability of the gamers – in other words, bets were placed. Given the complicated nature, we had the option of betting on a team/round. If your team makes it through, you are eligible to bet in the next round. Close to 12 people were involved in the wagering.

IndixFIFA6To address the first point, I thought of making up teams, so more people would feel connected. The more people are involved, more the energy. And trust me, it worked like a charm! We asked for four very good FIFA players as volunteers and made them the captains. Every captain was to draft their team in a random order. This ensured that every team was balanced. This also gave new players an honest chance by matching against equally talented players from other teams. After the draft, there were four teams with four players each (16 players).

The first round was like the usual league tables, but with a twist. After the drafting, each team was handed over a strip containing five (football) team names on it. Now by the rules, every team will have five matches against other teams. Every time they come in to play they brought one of the team-strip to play as that team. And every person in the team had to play at least one game. The fifth game was to give the better player in every team an opportunity to top the table. The idea was that the last team in the table would be eliminated. We had four minute games, so things moved quickly. Oh boy, you should’ve seen how every team planned their games so they don’t end up in the bottom – moments like, you are one down and you gotta go for a draw, every time your forwards take the ball inside the d-box, everyone’s eyes would be glued to the screen. When you shoot, people would start celebrating. And when the ball hit the post and a defender cleared it, people would go all “awwww”. The highs and the lows – it was amazing!


There were a lot of twists and turns and in the end somehow every team ended up with the same score. I mean, who would’ve expected that!

So, then we decided to go for the knockouts. In the finals, a 16 minute game, it was 0-0 until the second half of the extra time. It ended with a score of 2-2 and went to penalties and finally team “Baichung Bhutia” (an Indian player) won the FIFA champions cup! The cup now sits on the table of the winning team, until the next championship 😀

To sum up, it was a lot of excitement and a lot of fun. Because in the end, winning is just a part of it. Being with everybody and having fun, that’s what matters the most.


A Passionate Gamer,

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  1. I gotta say Bharath, I love your writing. Keep the events like these coming.

  2. Pranav Nair says:

    Wow !! Awesome event…Too bad we didn’t have it 2 years ago 🙁

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