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Employee Spotlight – Sri Devi Ramoo, Human Resources

In a fast-growing company such as ours, it is critical to have a passionate and reliable human resources team. Sri Devi Ramoo is always armed with a smile and brings immense energy and credibility to her role. We sat down with Sri Devi to learn more about her.

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What is your role at Indix?

I am a human resources executive with a focus on hiring right now. It’s challenging to identify the best, smart geeks who are a good fit for our startup, and then get them initiated into the culture.

What did you do before Indix?

I was a part of the Talent Acquisition team at ThoughtWorks, Chennai. That was my first job after getting a master’s degree, and ThoughtWorks stays close to my heart as it taught me lot, and was a great place to work.

Why did you join Indix? 

I wanted to make a transition from talent acquisition to a more holistic human resources spectrum. I wanted a challenging role that included talent management for a technology product company. I was inspired to be a part of the startup journey… a platform that encourages creativity.

What have you learned working for a startup? 

I am learning how to manage a dynamic environment. Complacency can become a sin. We are always strive to achieve more. I have also learned the importance of agility when you are moving towards your newly formed goals/ideas.

What technologies or trends get you most excited?

Multi-screen recruiting, and neuro science replacing employee engagement surveys.

What do you do for fun?

Weekend getaways with family and friends, shopping in town.

What is your favorite technology product?

My iPhone and Mac Air.

How would your friends describe you?

I think my best friends would describe me as amiable, bold, and straightforward.

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