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Employee Spotlight – Mayank Joshi, DevOps Engineer

Meet Mayank Joshi, our DevOps Engineer. Mayank was born in Uttarakhand and has been a traveler since his childhood. Apart from trekking and travelling, he is passionate about computers. He is an engineer who brings experience in various software-related roles. We sat down with Mayank to learn more about him.MayankJoshi

What is your role at Indix?

If I were to define my role at Indix, I’d say, it’s about maintaining sanity while all the systems are working insanely either to crunch data day and night, or providing insights to customers about different products, brands, stores. Ensuring that infrastructure runs without hiccups, and we are able to remain agile in terms of deployments is my key responsibility.

What did you do before Indix?

It’s been an eventful professional life. I’ve worn multiple hats like those of Developer, Systems Analyst, Scientist, and Systems Administrator. Finally with Slideshare, I became a DevOps Engineer who was mostly a Systems Automation Engineer.

Why did you join Indix? 

If I were to describe in one word, it was “scale” which attracted me towards Indix. During my work at Slideshare, I saw what it meant when an Internet shop goes from 16 million page views to 60 million page views per month. However there, it wasn’t much about scale of data as much as it was about scale of website. Indix was just the opportunity which I was just looking out for, when it came to handling operations involving storage and computation of large scale data.

What have you learned working for a startup? 

After having worked for 3 startups now in my life, one thing which I’ve learnt is that you have to be adaptable to changes, and you’ve to give your heart and soul to work.

What technologies or trends get you most excited?

It varies from time to time 🙂 In general, I love to see what unexpected things one can do using a device like smartphone or a computer.

What do you do for fun?

I travel often. You can find some of my photographs at Picasa. I am a big fan of fusion music and if I’m not out travelling, I spend time listening to work of Shankar Tucker or music being created at CokeStudio.

What is your favorite technology product?

These days it’s smartphones. I was never a big fan of ‘em till past few months, but now I realize the amount of potential they have and what all amazing things one can do with them.

How would your friends describe you?

Wanderer and carefree.


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