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Employee Spotlight: Life Lessons and Learnings from a Himalayan Trek

We have something special to share today. Recently, a group of our data warriors (that’s what we call our engineers) went hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal. We wanted to share with you a heartfelt post written by one of those data warriors – Bharath.

On the third day of their trek, the group reached Kyanjin Gompa which is at an elevation of 3800 meters. Mesmerized by the snow-clad mountains in the distance, Bharath decided that he was going to go “catch the snow”. The ensuing journey unraveled some insightful and profound life lessons, and helped him test his own strength and tenacity. We are very proud to have such adventurous and talented youngsters in our company. It’s this very adventurous spirit that fuels them when they come to work and solve the hard problems. Startup life is challenging and requires a lot of discipline and mental endurance.

Here is an excerpt from Bharath’s post, and some pictures that he took along the way.


To Catch the Snow: Learning and Life Lessons from a Himalayan Trek

  • Have a goal
  • Preparation is not a fun killer
  • Leave breadcrumbs
  • Follow footsteps only to an extent
  • Keep having a time check
  • It’s about the journey, not the destination
  • Move slower and faster
  • Sprint and rest
  • Look up to your final goal often
  • Never get too comfortable
  • Step back to move forward, at times
  • There’s always a way
  • Nature is HARSH, deal with it.
  • Know when to stop*
  • It’s okay to be not being able to reach your goal…

Have a goal — A balanced one

This is the first step to improve yourself. I had a clear goal, to catch the snow. Though it seemed impossible, I calculated it could be possible with a few hours walk. In real life, the tougher problem is having a balance between a realistic yet dreamy goal. Unrealistic goals will hurt you soon. Super practical goals will be too damn boring. So having a balance is a must.

Preparation is not a fun killer

I borrowed a torch, I put on my thickest jacket and a raincoat above that. Though I was going alone, I knew I wouldn’t need anything else. I had this notion that if you plan something perfectly and go well prepared for it, then you can’t possibly have fun. I kinda still hold onto that, but in an open adventure like this, which risks your life, having a safety net is always helpful. So you can come back and try this again. Have a fuzzy plan, it helps…

Read the entire post on Bharath’s blog here.



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