Employee Spotlight - Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Software Engineer - Indix



Employee Spotlight – Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Software Engineer

Born and brought up in Chennai, Lakshmi Rajagopalan is one of our analytics superheroes. She loves a hard challenge in any form, be it a puzzle or building the world’s largest product database. We sat down with Lakshmi to learn more about her.


What is your role at Indix?

I am a part of the analytics team which “crunches the products” in the database, collects the data points relevant for the use case and transforms these into various product models which are then sent for data visualization. With the goal of scaling to a billion plus products, the team is now moving full steam ahead on building the datastore, its own cluster and providing search and analytics on top of these.

What did you do before Indix?

Prior to Indix, I was part of the Digital Platform team at EA Sports. I worked on the Madden-NFL and PvZ:Garden Warfare titles.

Why did you join Indix?

What attracted me to Indix is the cutting edge big data technologies that we use to work with the massive data that we store in our product database. Our mission statement of “Building the world’s biggest product database” also inspired me to be part of the team. I am extremely happy that I have been given an opportunity to work among such talented people.

What is your experience of working at a startup?

I can’t believe it is going to be five months since I joined. Learning never stops when you are at Indix. The team keeps pumping out features and keeps us always on our toes. At the same time, there is no limit to the amount of fun we have in office with table tennis tournaments, team outings and not to forget the peppy music. It is encouraging to be surrounded by some of the smartest in the industry who are extremely passionate about their work. I have always been averse to taking risks. But Indix taught me that I can never win if I don’t play.

What technologies or trends get you most excited?

Virtual Reality. I am not a gamer. But having worked in the gaming field, I got attracted to VR. This field is seeing a very fast growth these days. Microsoft’s RoomAlive, Sony’s Project Morpheus and so many other technologies are definitely going to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

What do you do for fun?

I love traveling to historical places and learn about the empires, their rulers and their culture. I also visit the IITM campus during weekends to enjoy their rich biodiversity. I am quite a movie buff and never miss an awesome movie in the theaters. During my leisure time, I like to solve riddles with my sister or debate politics with my father or just play with my 10 month old niece.

What is your favorite technology product?

My favorite here keeps changing. I think the Oculus Rift is the next coolest thing.

How would your friends describe you?

Determined, tolerant, a good planner, and a bookworm.


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