Employee Spotlight - Kishore Nallan, Software Engineer - Indix



Employee Spotlight – Kishore Nallan, Software Engineer

We are very proud of the interesting people with diverse interests that work here at Indix. It makes for a healthy and fun culture. Meet Kishore Nallan. Is he a designer? Is he a programmer? Is he a writer? He is all that and much more. We sat down with Kishore to learn more about him.


What is your role at Indix?

I primarily work on the data processing platform at Indix. I’m part of the team which transforms HTML and other forms of unstructured data to semantic product information.

What did you do before Indix?

I was working at ThoughtWorks as a software engineer.

Why did you join Indix? 

I joined Indix in the very early days – back when it was just a vision that Sanjay (our Founder and CEO) had. As an engineer, it’s not often one gets an opportunity to work on really hard problems, and that too at scale. I was (still am!) convinced that Indix was trying to take on some pretty challenging problems and that it could turn out to be a pretty cool company. The responsibility, ownership and personal growth that one gets from working in an early-stage startup was the icing on the cake.

What have you learned working for a startup? 

I have learned the importance of failing fast and iterating on a feature through constant customer feedback. This means that one often has to temporarily forego perfection, in order to ship the feature to the customer. This is crucial for developing the product in the right fashion.

What technologies or trends get you most excited?

I’m excited by the traction we’re witnessing in commercial drones and automated cars. They have the potential to radically change the way we carry out our day-to-day activities.

What do you do for fun?

I like writing and designing – since I don’t do either of those professionally anymore, I use them as an opportunity to do something different. I also enjoy playing cricket, and I read quite a few books.

What is your favorite technology product?

Kindle. As much I still love paper books, Kindle has allowed me to read more by helping me carry and keep multiple books at the same time without having to lug a suitcase around!

How would your friends describe you?

Hard working, talkative and resourceful.


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  1. Anand Sainath says:

    Hard working and resourceful, couldn’t have said then better myself!

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