Employee Spotlight - Bhawna Faujdar, Software Engineer - Indix



Employee Spotlight – Bhawna Faujdar, Software Engineer

We solve hard problems at Indix. To solve hard problems, you need brilliant engineers. Meet Bhawna Faujdar, one of our passionate software engineers. She is a dedicated team member and loves all the good things in life. We sat down with Bhawna to learn more about her.

Bhawna-ImageWhat is your role at Indix?

I help the team extract and transform large datasets into actionable knowledge and insights, by applying sophisticated techniques. This in turn helps customers make informed and timely decisions.

What did you do before Indix?

This is my first job. Prior to this, I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at VIT, Vellore.

Why did you join Indix? 

Being fresh out of college, I needed a good and challenging platform to enhance my skills. After a six month internship here at Indix, I developed the ability to think of innovative solutions to difficult problems, and realized that working here could be a real opportunity for me to grow and develop. The work environment at Indix is awesome, the vision is impressive, and it is inspiring to be around enthusiastic people who have the passion to bring about a change.

What have you learned working for a startup? 

The first thing I have learned working for a startup is – “learn fast”. Learning fast and using that learning to build long-lasting durability is the best practice. In most companies, there is no big consequence if a project ends late, but in a startup it means everything. Being in a startup, you have to adapt to change quickly, be it learning a new technology or building things from scratch for your customers, but it is all fun. There is always a problem to solve. You have to be really passionate about things you are working on.

Decision making is a critical process in startups. You may be faced with problems that people have not faced before. Learning how to make and shape your decisions, evaluate them and make tradeoff decisions, is all part of the startup journey.

One other important lesson I have learned is “never assume, always validate”. It is very important to test and validate your ideas. You have to re-evaluate yourself at each point, and also your priorities. Also, never be afraid to ask for help. Things might be difficult, and sometimes when it feels like things are falling apart, they are not. 🙂

What technologies or trends get you most excited?

What excites me a lot these days is multi-purpose devices. Nothing is just a camera, a television or a phone anymore. I do not have to buy 10 different devices for the most popular functions that a single smartphone or tablet can perform. A phone is not just a phone, it is also a camera, web browser, computer, gaming platform, and what not. A tablet acts as a notebook, or should I just say, a notebook operates just like a tablet? Amazing.

What do you do for fun?

I love spending time with my friends. I read a lot and research anything and everything that piques my interest. I relish spicy food made by my Dad when I am at home, and love to cook exotic meals. I also enjoy singing and dancing.

What is your favorite technology product?

The iPad. It is cool, allows me to travel light, and provides the convenience of reading, writing, gaming, messaging, and emailing, all from ONE device.

How would your friends describe you?

Sweet, caring, modest and hard-working. They would tell you that I have a positive attitude and anytime they need help with anything, they know I am always there. 🙂

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