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Employee Spotlight: Ayushi Sharma, Software Engineer.

Meet Ayushi – the Athletic champion of Indix. She recently won a medal in 5K run competition,  in the recently conducted Corporate Olympics – an inter-corporate event held in Chennai. We sat with Ayushi to know more about her and the work she is doing at Indix.

How long have you been working at Indix?
I have been at Indix for close to a year now and it has been a wonderful journey. It has given me a chance to work with different systems and technologies. It has been amazing to view and contribute to the product and services at different stages in their lifecycle.

What about the interview process helped convince you that Indix is the place for you?
Interview process with Indix was one of the best I had. It focused on real day-to-day developer problems. The interview process also tests one’s problem solving skills and design acumen. There were stages where I had an in-depth discussion with the interviewer that really goes on to show how much Indix values and pushes for good engineering principles. The interview experience was a pleasant one with everyone being supportive and I also received feedback and support at every stage.

What project are you working on currently? What excites you the most about it?
I am working in the Search team that is responsible for exposing product and offers information to the customers via our API. We have our in-house legacy systems as well as recent Elastic Search based solutions. We are continuously working on improving search relevance and ranking for our corpus of about 2 billion products.
I am currently working on improving the search parity across GEOs. It is part of our ongoing effort to improve user’s search experience. The most exciting part about this feature is working with Elastic Search. It is interesting to see how it overcomes typical search problems like speed, scalability, filter/faceting etc, while at the same time improving search results and latency.

What is the most rewarding part of being on your team?
The team’s work ideology is very liberal. We experiment with a bunch of stuff in an effort to improve our existing systems as well as come up with new solutions. As part of my first stint with Search, I got to experiment with Kafka and Kafka Streams. I think that in itself is a very enriching experience for any engineer. Also, we get to deal with real customer issues. This really makes you push the envelope and broaden your horizons in order to meet those demands.

What’s the most exciting and challenging part of working for a startup?
The most exciting and challenging part of working in a startup and more particularly Indix is the ownership and responsibility of the work that you hold. You’re responsible for taking your product from nil to production and even after that. You’re not only responsible for development of your feature but it’s deployment, maintenance and support. This instills in you a sense of responsibility and pushes you to better yourself to do things right the first time.
Indix is also very appreciative of one’s work. Your efforts are acknowledged and rewarded. Being a startup, we’re close-knit and every member’s opinion is valued.

What inspires you about the vision and mission of Indix?
When we say we are the “Google of Products”, we strive to live up to that. It is commendable how far we have come in terms of our engineering expertise as well as surpassing customer expectations.
What inspires me the most is being amidst such great engineers, which creates a stimulating environment and makes one strive to be the same.

How do you balance your work and personal life? What do you do for fun?
There is a lot of fun activities in the office – board games, DJ evenings, TT/ cricket etc to name a few. We have monthly team outings and periodic office outings where we have fun together as a team.
On my own time, I unwind by hanging out with my friends, going for a run and discover new places.

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