Employee Spotlight: Anithapraba K, Software Engineer - Indix



Employee Spotlight: Anithapraba K, Software Engineer

Meet Anitha, a Software Engineer at Indix. When you want to collect and structure the world’s product information, you need a team of enthusiastic and committed developers. From working doggedly on her projects to participating in internal conferences to share her expertise and performing on stage at fun cultural events, Anitha does it all. She’s also a Black Belt in karate to boot. We love having her on the team, and sat down to learn more about her and her work.

What project are you working on currently? What excites you the most about it?
I’m currently working on a feature in the Indix Product API that supports filtering on standardized product attributes. This includes efficient indexing of attributes in our in-house distributed data store and analytics engine which handles more than 1.2 billion offers. I’m also doing some exploratory work on improving our search relevance which is soon to follow. The fact that my work is in the area of a key business priority is something very exciting.

What is the most rewarding part of being on your team?
Working with super awesome meticulous engineers who set the bar high for everyone. What could be more rewarding? I get to experiment on multiple things for which the right mentorship is available, even if it’s not a part of our daily work.

What drives you to come to work in the morning?
Dealing with different challenges everyday excites me. I’m enthusiastic about unfolding the mystery behind each roadblock and contributing to the discussions. Taking challenges head-on and the joy of cracking some of the toughest problem spaces keeps me on my toes and excited about coming to work every day.

What’s the most exciting and challenging part of working for a startup?
The exciting part about working for a startup is faster iterations of work. Even though each team is siloed for more focus and clarity on the problems we solve, we deeply value cross-team collaboration. A tiny feature addition requires working with multiple people across the floor, discussions on different perspectives, and healthy arguments which is both exciting as well as challenging.

What inspires you about the vision and mission of Indix?
The problem space, itself. I’m in awe of the amount of data Indix deals with, and the incredible solutions that were built with dexterity. Yet, it strives to become better than what it is now, opening doors for creative and innovative solutions to unsolved problems, and that inspires me.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Standups, quick huddles, coding, design discussions, and code reviews. My day starts with a quick team standup where we call out the learnings from the previous day and make plans for that day. I love the power-packed ad hoc huddles that the team gets into. Each person has an interesting and different perspective to offer which makes it totally enjoyable. My days are fast-paced and I’m in awe of the sheer speed at which we operate. In team huddles, we value diverse opinions and respectfully disagree with others. However, at the end of the day, we do not allow our differences become a show stopper. We celebrate our differences and unify our forces in our march towards meeting our goals.

How do you balance your work and personal life? What do you do for fun?
I cherish the fun activities at the office, be it playing a game of ping pong or darts and needless to say, the music we play on the Sonos. Team outings are a great stress buster as they help us unwind and relax with our team mates. Outside office, I hit the road with my bicycle and go for rides. Being a fitness freak, I love going on long rides. The adventure lover inside me loves taking unplanned trips to explore new places. I also have a keen interest in various adventure sports.

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