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The Resilience and Spirit of Chennai

Chennai, considered by some as the SaaS hub of India, has been hit by the worst deluge of rain in over 100 years, causing massive and heart-breaking damage to life and property. The Indix engineering and product teams are based out of Chennai so the calamity has hit us particularly close to home.

We are extremely relieved to report that of the more than 60 Indix employees in the Chennai office, everyone is safe and accounted for.

In such a time of adversity, one gets to witness the remarkable resilience and strength of character of a city and its people. In the face of disaster, and unfortunate lack of expedited primary response, the spirt of Chennai did not weaken. Rather, citizens opened their homes and helped each other in every way possible.

We are proud to say we saw the same resilience in our office. The Indix Chennai office is at the Ramanujan IT City which is thankfully on higher ground. The employees who made it on Monday have been able to stay at the office and remain safe. Our incredible operations team is making every effort to keep the office stocked with food, water, mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Despite the spotty mobile and internet coverage, they are keeping in touch with all employees who are not in office to make sure they are safe. As well, rescue teams are being sent to employees who are in the worst-hit areas. Wherever possible, we’re trying to get employees and their families safely transported to the office.

It is poignant yet positive and heartwarming to see the outpouring of support, concern and encouragement in such times. We hope that the rains abate soon and the world comes together in helping Chennai.

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2 thoughts on “The Resilience and Spirit of Chennai”

  1. Nitin Nair says:


    Thanks a ton for this update. Feeling extremely relieved. I have not been able to reach Rajesh Muppalla for some days now. If possible could you let him know that Nitin Nair is trying to reach him.

    Thanks, Nitin

    1. Anu Hastings says:

      Hello Mr. Nair,

      Thank you for your note. I will let Rajesh know immediately that you have been trying to contact him. Cell phone towers have suffered damage and networks are jammed. Rajesh and his family are safe though and doing well.

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