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Celebrating Diversity Month at Indix

At Indix we are celebrating Diversity Month this June and we have been involved in a series of events at our offices to highlight the importance of gender diversity at work and building a more inclusive workforce. We had a special women’s referral program where we encouraged our folks to refer female candidates to join Indix. We also had a distinguished woman speaker who spent an evening with us to share her life’s journey. While some of our efforts have been external facing, garnering attention to get more women to apply and be a part of Indix, we also wanted to cherish the immense contribution by the women who are at Indix right now.

So we sat down with the leaders at Indix to understand the impact created by the women on their teams. And it’s heartwarming to see the phenomenal value addition these women have brought to their respective teams. It’s only appropriate to capture our leader’s words about these wonderful women on their teams and showcase it for the world to see. Here’s what they had to say:

Monika – Data Analyst

Monika is the sole woman representative in the CS team – we’re not proud of the stat (and we are looking to change that!), but it also means we really take her input seriously when making any decisions at the team level. She brings a sense of calm to the team, and is able to take things in her stride, which is invaluable in an intense environment such as CS, where the stakes are high.

She’s also very rooted in her approach while dealing with tasks of any kind – this enables CS processes to be highly respected, from a pre-sales point of view. In short, she’s a valuable asset to our team!

Shyam Krishnan, Director – Customer Success

Anithapraba K – Software Engineer

Anitha is passionate about learning new technologies, looks for and grabs opportunities as they arise. She has been a consistent performer, often delivering products on time and with highest quality. Her execution efficiency, along with an eye toward detail, has set her up for greater achievements going forward.

I would also like to specifically mention about her ownership trait. She takes responsibility for end-to-end delivery of tasks and goes the extra mile to ensure all aspects of delivery are covered. When there are high-priority deliverables she steps up and even though she has to stretch occasionally she does it with élan since she understands the bigger need.

Balasubramaniam B., Director of Engineering

Lakshmi Rajagopalan – Software Engineer

The Tools team specializes in workflow automation tools for the Indix platform. We are a nine-member team with eight men and one woman: Lakshmi. Lakshmi joined the team at an early stage around 2015 and is the senior-most member in the team. Back in 2015, when when we had no tools and just ideas, we spent the first couple of months in ideating solutions and Lakshmi has been instrumental in making architectural proposals. Research like (https://hbr.org/2011/06/defend-your-research-what-makes-a-team-smarter-more-women) shows that the collective IQ increases with more women in the team. The team visibly felt that when Lakshmi was driving white-board discussions around the architecture.

One key highlight to call out is her ownership toward building an in-house datastore.

As Indix moved toward Machine Learning, Lakshmi was open to new challenges and she was one of the first members in the team to pick up and prototype ML. Her selflessness to coach other team members in the domain and her intentions to get the perfect solution set a higher bar for others to follow.

Overall, having her in the team creates a healthy culture for discussions and adds a perspective of fun to the team’s day-to-day activities.

Vasanth Gopal, Principal Engineer

Shreya Chakraborty – Software Engineer

Shreya joined my team during the beginning of this year and in a short span of time she has become an integral part of the team. She is always willing to learn and pick up new things to challenge herself. Shreya is a bundle of high energy. A testament to that fact is that she a major contributor in our internal and external developer community initiatives like organizing our internal hackathons or helping with hosting of external meetups at our office.

Rajesh Muppalla, Senior Director of Engineering

Sri Devi – Human Resources

Sri Devi joined the HR team at Indix back in April 2014 and ever since she’s been a rock star. She has a great connection with everyone at the office and has been a ‘go-to’ person for people across teams. She’s a natural when it comes to employee engagement and communication and is quick to understand the pulse of people. HR at Indix has evolved quite a bit after Sri Devi joined the team.

Her greatest quality is to keep calm even during the worst storm and this is a great quality to possess for a HR person. She leads by example and has been a role model for most women for having a healthy work-life balance. To top this up, she has a great sense of humor, which is why she’s been successful in the HR family.

Prasanna Murugavel, Senior Director – Human Resources

Matild Reema – Software Engineer

Reema joined as a fresher two years ago and during the last two years I have seen her make great strides in her professional career. She has an amazing ability to pick up new technologies and frameworks and become productive within a short span of time. Reema is the ‘go-to’ person on anything related to Apache Spark at Indix. During the last couple of years, she has helped debug and solve several critical issues with our Spark workloads. The fact that she is one of the first to respond to queries or support issues raised by internal teams using our products, sometimes even during odd hours, shows her commitment toward customers. She is an asset to any team she works with.

Rajesh Muppalla, Senior Director of Engineering

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