Indix Loves Open Source Software. Even More Than Before.



Indix Loves Open Source Software. Even More Than Before.

At Indix, we have always loved open source. Our systems are based on a variety of Open Source Software (OSS) or are inspired from them. We have also been contributing back to the open source projects that we use (in terms of code, documentation and bug reports.) In addition to our involvement in and use of open source products, we also have a small, but growing number of projects that we have open sourced.

We have been wanting to showcase our love for open source in a better way. Recently, at our first internal hackathon of 2016, we managed to do just that. Allow me to introduce the OSS at Indix page –

Indix loves Open Source

The aim of this page is to showcase our open source projects, promote their adoption and build a community around them. We have also added a bit of gamification in the page, by highlighting the contributors along with the number of their contributions. With the gamification, we hope that more folks, both internal and external, will be involved with our open source projects.

Here is some technical background on the website – it is a static site generated using Middleman and hosted on Github. The repository for the site itself can be found at

We plan to build our engineering presence around this site and will be adding more content in the near feature. Subscribe to this blog for more updates on the same.

P.S.: We are excited to share that the OSS at Indix site won the One Page Love Award. Yay!

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