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Open Source Project: Alerts on AWS Maintenance Events

If you have been following this space, you must be aware that Indix loves open source. We use a lot of open source projects, and are also committed to contributing back to the community. In today’s post, learn more about out our latest project. Check out our other work at

The AWS re:Invent 2016 event is happening this week. What better time than now to highlight our newest open source project – aws-maintenance-lambda.

aws maintenance lambda

AWS notifies us when an instance is running on degraded hardware or needs a reboot or is about to be retired. These events can be relatively frequent if you have a large infrastructure. This communication is via email, and it only provides the instance id (along with the date and time when the maintenance activity is expected to start). Simply getting the instance id is not really helpful, as we have to identify what instance it really is. In bigger teams (like ours), we also need to quickly identify and alert the respective owners.

aws-maintenance-lambda is a Javascript based AWS Lambda function. It is designed to send alerts on such AWS maintenance events. aws-maintenance-lambda will provide an alert notification to appropriate owners with the instance name tag, as shown below:


It currently has the ability to send notifications to Slack and Hipchat. We also plan to add features like reminder notifications and better alerting on completion of maintenance.

aws-maintenance-lambda also comes with Terraform plans to fully deploy the Lambda function along with its schedule and IAM roles and policies. Give it a spin, and send us feedback and pull requests!

PS: We are huge fans of AWS Lambda and Terraform. Want to work on these? Join us.

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