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Filter Ecommerce Product Search Results by Store

This is the third in a series of “How To” posts that illustrate various ways in which you can use the Indix Product API.

We’ve been following along with fictional developers Christy and Ted as they build features into their ecommerce shopping app. Once Christy and Ted added real-time search suggestions to their app’s search box, they rolled out their first MVP.

The test users didn’t cheer or pull out their checkbooks, though. Instead, they gave a slew of comments like:

“Good first step, but how do I just pick a store (like Target or Walmart) and only get results for that store?”

Finding Store IDs is easy through a simple text query in the store lookup endpoint. This does not consume any credits.


The response provides Store IDs for all Target stores as assigned by the Indix taxonomy.

Once you have the Store ID you need, it’s easy to restrict results to only from that store. The filter can be applied to any endpoint. Here’s what it looks like in the Offers Standard endpoint.


Query: &app_key=<enter_app_key>

  "message": "ok",
  "result": {
    "count": 188599,
    "products": [
        "categoryNamePath": "Health & Personal Care > Health Care > Pain Relievers > Joint & Muscle Pain Relief > Treatments > Hot & Cold Therapies",
        "categoryId": 23578,
        "mpid": "ebf21993701b0de1b82f079d5d54a7c4",
        "categoryName": "Hot & Cold Therapies",
        "upcs": [
        "brandName": "Bed Buddy",
        "minSalePrice": 16.79,
        "stores": {
          "22": {
            "storeId": 22,
            "offers": [
                "sku": "200351561",
                "refurbishedOffers": 0,
                "priceHistoryAvailable": false,
                "salesRank": 0,
                "productUrl": "",
                "userRatings": 0,
                "maxRating": 0,
                "addOnItem": false,
                "availability": "IN_STOCK",
                "upcs": [],
                "avgRating": 0,
                "shippingText": "spend $25 get free shipping",
                "fulfilledBy": "",
                "pid": "ebf21993701b0de1b82f079d5d54a7c4",
                "privateAttributes": {},
                "mpns": [],
                "newOffers": 0,
                "listPrice": 16.79,
                "buyBoxWinner": false,
                "additionalImageUrls": [
                "salePrice": 16.79,
                "cartPrice": false,
                "lastRecordedAt": 1466968857192,
                "imageUrl": "",
                "usedOffers": 0,
                "seller": ""
            "storeName": "Target",
            "title": "Bed Buddy Body Wrap with ThermaTherapy"
        "brandId": 10018,
        "categoryIdPath": "10170 > 16100 > 16284 > 19882 > 21607 > 23578",
        "mpns": [],
        "countryCode": "US",
        "currency": "USD",
        "title": "Bed Buddy Body Wrap with ThermaTherapy",
        "lastRecordedAt": 1469187606711,
        "imageUrl": "",
        "maxSalePrice": 82.43,
        "offersCount": 24,
        "storesCount": 5
... Truncated for brevity

You can use the same logic to filter results based on category or brands across any endpoint by using the respective IDs from the Indix taxonomy. Tune in next time to see how Ted and Christy implemented code-based identifier lookup.

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