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The Indix Cloud Catalog is the world’s largest source of structured product data. We use sophisticated AI and machine learning to ingest, clean, and structure product information. Learn more and sign up for a demo below.

Why Use Indix Data?

  • Increased conversions and revenue
  • Unique product descriptions
  • Improved SEO
  • Larger, enriched product catalog
  • Increased product page traffic
  • Better product assortment insights
  • Amazon-like faceted product searches


How Companies Use Indix Data

Business of all sizes access product information through the Indix Product API and Product Feeds. Our customers use this data to get assortment analytics, improve product catalogs, and strengthen SEO and conversion rates. The end result? Better decisions and increased revenue.


Are You Only Scratching the Surface?

Get deeper product insights with Indix:

  • Tie your ecommerce analysis tools into the Indix Product API, combining the largest source of product information with your own system for greater product assortment analysis
  • Get price history going back 5+ years, with data across 7,000 subcategories, 1,600+ stores, and nearly 50,000 brands
  • View your product assortment in the competitive landscape to identify assortment gaps

Want to learn more?

Complete the form to have an Indix product expert show you how to harness the Indix Cloud Catalog for better product assortment analysis.

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