Indix: World's Largest Source of Structured Product Data


Indix has built a commerce-ready AI platform for product information. It’s our mission to enable rapid innovation in how products are bought and sold in a digital world.

Transforming eCommerce

We see a future where commerce isn’t just on store shelves or big ecommerce sites—it’s everywhere. And we’re working to help businesses get there faster.

We combine AI with the largest collection of product data available: price, availability, and seller information, along with code-based identifiers and attributes. Businesses use the Indix Platform to improve the size and quality of their digital product catalog and develop innovative ways to buy and sell products.

Explore our Data

Play with our product data with our Data Explorer tool. Although the tool contains only a small subset of our data and doesn’t appear in the JSON or delimited formats that we deliver to our customers, it allows you to get a sense of the data you get from Indix.

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