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For enterprise, cloud and mobile development

Build product-aware apps
Convert every product related interaction into an opportunity to inform, educate and sell products.
Developers apps
Enrich product information
Enrich product information in your apps and websites to optimize product discovery, conversion, and ads.
Product listing
Monitor competitive assortment
Gain competitive intelligence to understand the gaps in assortment.
Developers insights
Enhance product search
Integrate and enhance product search and discovery within your apps and websites.
Developers playground
Improve product classification
Classify products into appropriate categories to enhance discovery.
Discover product and price Intelligence
Discover product and price information across multiple online retailers. Automate price intelligence for specific products or catalogs.
Store picker
Discover product and pricing trends
Discover price history of products and identify trends.
Price history
Create a curated storefront
Create your own e-commerce store front by leveraging product information to draft descriptions.
Curated storefront

Learn how Indix Offers and Catalog APIs can help you become product-aware, drive more revenue, and grow your brand.