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Real-time data including pricing, promotions, availability, channels, competition, assortment, attributes, and more with the Indix APIs.

Indix APIs

Indix RESTFUL APIs provide programmatic access to offers and catalog data, and easily integrate with ecommerce platforms, business systems, and product information management systems.

Indix APIs consists of calls that return product metadata in the JSON format through 9 endpoints:

  • Search Stores – Returns store names and IDs.
  • Search Brands – Returns brand names and IDs.
  • Export Categories – Returns Indix category names and IDs.
  • Search Suggestions – Returns relevant product suggestions.
  • Search Products – Returns products using a plain text query, UPC, MPN, SKU, URL, brand ID, store ID, or category ID.
  • Advanced Search – Returns a list of products along with their offers information and facet counts for these products across top brands, categories, and stores.
  • Product Details – Returns detailed offers and catalog information for a product such as price, availability, promotion, attributes, and more across all the stores where it is sold.
  • Store Offers – Returns detailed offers information for a product at a store such as price, availability, promotion, and more.
  • Price History – Returns all the prices recorded for the product in the last 30 days.

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Enable Product Search

Enable product search for applications and websites with built-in search relevance and ranking algorithms. Search for products using a text query, UPC, MPN, ASIN, SKU, brand ID, store ID, or category ID.


Enrich Product Catalog

Strengthen your product catalog by adding detailed and missing data. Ensure product information consistency and completeness across all business systems and channels.

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Identify Unknown Products

Use Indix product data science to identify unknown products using incomplete and partial information. Easily obtain detailed product information and attributes.



Classify Products into Categories

Use Indix category structure and machine learning algorithms to classify products across more than 7,000 categories.

Obtain On Demand Offers Information

Use real time capabilities of Indix Apps and APIs to obtain offers information such as list price, sale price, availability, and URL status for up to a thousand products across ten competitors.



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KickStart Program

Are you a startup or an independent developer building an exciting app requiring real-time product information? Indix offers a KickStart program for innovators looking to build Product-Aware apps and websites. Contact us for additional details and qualification criteria for this program.


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