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Product insights, analytics and enrichment accessed via Apps or APIs

World's Largest Product Database


800+ million products
and growing daily

Tap into the most comprehensive set of product information available. Access dynamic product attributes such as price, promotion, availability, sellers as well as cleansed and normalized catalog data including product identifiers, attributes, categories, and more.

  • 40,000+ brands
  • 600,000+ sellers
  • 7,000+ categories
  • 10,000+ attributes

Solutions For Every Need


  • Search & Discover

    Find comprehensive product information using varying completeness of input criteria.

  • Optimize Offers

    Track price, promotion, assortment, availability as well as MAP violations by market and channel to optimize your offers.

  • Analyze Everything

    Compare your catalog and offers against competitors and the market to identify gaps, opportunities and trends.

  • Improve Product Information

    Enhance attributes, facets and tags for products to improve discovery and conversion.

  • Power of Machines

    Collect, organize and analyze public and private product data at scale, using Indix machine learning algorithms.

  • Optimize
  • Analyze
  • Enrich
  • Learn

Harness the Power of Product Intelligence

The Indix Product Intelligence App provides actionable insights on dynamic attributes of a product such as price, promotion, availability, assortment, competitors, channels, categories, and more.

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Get Real-Time Reports

Obtain Pricing Opportunity Reports for finding out prices of products at different stores, MAP Reports for identifying violations of minimum advertised price, and Product Availability Reports for discovering out of stock products.



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Connect Product Information to Everything

Developers and IT professionals can access the Indix Infinite Product Catalog through simple RESTful APIs to build powerful Product-Aware consumer experiences and business applications.



There's a Commerce Revolution Under Way

By the end of the century, commerce as we know it will be obsolete. Read this white paper on Pervasive Commerce to see the big trends driving how businesses sell and people shop. You'll learn:

  • Why Product Intelligence is critical to the commerce revolution
  • How Ambient Shopping Assistants will help consumers
  • What it means to be a Product-Aware application or website
  • Why Netflix just might be the next big thing in eCommerce

Indix Pervasive Commerce White Paper


22 top-level categories and over 7,000 sub-categories.

Customers Know Best

  • "The Indix product is great, but it’s their teamwork that is the stand-out. I appreciate everything Indix has done to help me meet Optoro’s goals." Mike Goynes, VP of Content and Pricing.


  • "Working with Indix dramatically improves the quality of our product search engine across the 50 million products in our tool set."


  • "The Indix API gives us the opportunity to integrate internal applications with Indix's data and insights.”


  • "The Indix product intelligence platform helped drive performance within our planning and merchandising teams."

    Top 50 CPG Retailer

  • "The fact that we are not limited to a specific set of SKUs or competitors makes this an investment that will keep up with our growth."

    Footwear & Accessories Retailer

  • "We chose Indix primarily due to the breadth of competitors and data, dynamic reporting abilities, and outstanding customer service."

    Top 50 CPG Retailer

Indix in the News

Indix Continues Strong Growth with Record Q1


Indix Teams Up with Optoro to Streamline Retail Inventory


Indix Inks Deal with Trov – users gain access to real-time market value of products


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