Boost Your Product Intelligence

Product insight and analytics for brands, retailers and developers
building the next generation of commerce and shopping.

Harness the power of Indix App and APIs to:

  • Optimize offers and promotions
  • Maximize product discovery everywhere
  • Accelerate product development and go-to-market
  • Uncover market insights

It’s a new world of commerce. Let Indix help you
delight customers with the right product,
at the right price, at the right place. Every time.

Access Everything About Products

Indix is building the world’s largest product database. Access offers and catalog data on unlimited products, categories, brands and merchants.

500+ Million Products
40,000+ Brands
600,000+ Sellers
6,000 Categories
10,000+ Attributes

Connect people and places with products through the Indix App and API

Brands and Retailers

  • Accelerate and automate insights on price, promotion, and assortment
  • Make your products more discoverable everywhere
  • Build and serve customized product offers
  • Ensure MAP compliance
  • Enrich product information


  • Create next-generation shopping experiences
  • Build product-aware apps and websites
  • Improve speed and accuracy of product discovery
  • Build and serve customized product offers
  • Speed integration using RESTful APIs

Indix Customers

The Indix API gives us the opportunity to integrate internal applications with Indix's data and insights.


The fact that we are not limited to a specific set of SKUs or competitors makes this an investment that will keep up with our growth.

Footwear & Accessories Retailer

The Indix product intelligence platform helped drive performance within our planning and merchandising teams.

Top 50 CPG Retailer

Our category managers use the Indix platform today.


We have been very impressed with the customer service we receive from Indix and the quality of their platform.

Footwear & Accessories Retailer

We chose Indix primarily due to the breadth of competitors and data, dynamic reporting abilities, and outstanding customer service.

Top 50 CPG Retailer